About Us

Tilohri – to belong


To belong to our roots, belong to our ‘self’, our ‘soul’. To belong to all the five elements – earth, wind, fire, water, air – for they make us what we are. Tilohri is not just a name. It’s a feeling, a way of being if you may, a philosophy perhaps. And this is what inspires  - we work with fabrics that are breathable, natural, salt of the earth. And we work with people who are as real, as natural as they come, grounded, as beautiful as the lands they come from, and skilled beyond imagination.

We started Tilohri when we felt the need to see clothes that were real in every sense of the word. Fibers that were pure and natural, in their raw nature-intended form and not tampered with strains of synthetics, fabrics that were woven with age old skills, handcrafted with a deep passion and understanding, proud of their individuality. We dreamt of silhouettes to free the mind as they did the body. We envisioned clothing that would connect, deeply, with all those who sought what we sought.


Our Design Aesthetic

If we looked for one word to describe our aesthetic, it would be ‘comfortable’. And if we looked at adding another, it would be ‘uninhibited’ or perhaps ‘ free-flow’. When we sit down with our artisans to plan collections, imagination runs riot! It’s a smorgasbord of motifs, techniques, textures all coming together freely, one developing from the other, constantly evolving.

You’ll notice in all our clothing, a certain harmony of print and colour, a relaxed approach to structure and form, and an inclusive outlook towards shapes and sizes.  Tilohri, in its very essence will belong to all.


Our Artisans

At Tilohri, we are quite loathe to using the politically correct, statement making terminology. We don’t use words like empowerment and upliftment.  We believe more in ‘together’. For that is how we bring about the change, by working together, side by side, with these tremendously skilled artisans who’ve been practicing their art and craft for generations. Every twist of the spool, every stitch of the needle, every single row of intricate weaves is sheer enchantment. Its humbling to watch the artisans in action, whether its in the small clusters of Bhuj, Barmer, Madhubani, etc.  These clusters are now family. And as family, we make sure to look out for each other, and we ensure these crafts never die.


Crafts at Tilohri

While we work relentlessly at bringing in more and more artisans within our fold, what Tilohri offers now is :

Madhubani, Ajrakh, Dabu, Handloom, Bhujodi, Kalamkari, Phool Patti, Pichwai, Applique, etc.